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Default Re: Are you using CRT or LCD flatscreens?

Hmmmmmm... I notice here people preferring CRT's because LCD's are low resolution and the fonts are hard to read.

I've got a Dell 2405FPW 24" widescreen LCD. The 1920x1200 native resolution gives plenty of desktop space, at least for the sort of work I do on it. When driven over DVI the fonts are beautifully sharp and readable, however you really need to select sub-pixel smoothing (in Gnome it's under the Preferences->Font menu) to get the best of them (particularly with DVI, less so with VGA which is less sharp anyway).

I appreciate some may need even higher resolution, but I reckon 1920x1200 is plenty for most users, and if you look out for the special offers you can pick one up for less than 1500 Australian.
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