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Default Re: 1.0-8178 Segfaults on any GLX application

Ok, I've come up with a "solution" to this problem:

-boot the machine (X fails to load because the driver is broken)
-make sure X / GDM is killed
-run the 8178 installer _again_
-modprobe nvidia
-restart gdm / X
-glx stuff now works

If I reboot, the nvidia driver still works (at least for one reboot) but the GLX stuff starts segfaulting again. Just to be clear, _glx only works during the session within which the driver installer was run, gl applications fail on successive reboots_.

*Edit* - I have now experienced lots of crashiness as well, outside of GL applications with the nvidia driver loaded. If I rmmod it and use the vesa driver, the system is solid...

If I change (increase or decrease, it doesn't matter) the amount of RAM allocated to the video sub-system in the BIOS, the driver breaks and I have to go through the process again.

I've quadruple-checked the libraries and symlinks, everything looks like it is in order. IE- it matches the information in Appendix C in the NVIDIA readme, and an ldd trace on glxgears looks good.

Seems like somebody needs to fix their ****.... My guess is that it is a BIOS issue, seeing as how the BIOS splash for the video ROM says very clearly "Engineering sample, not for production use!" (Or something similar).

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