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Angry Nvidia continues to look like Hypocrites

I simply love Nvidia's all of a sudden change of pace about a "real gamers benchmark". Considering how much they pushed 3dmark in the past when it made their cards look good, you'd think if they were serious about actual games being a good benchmark they would have been saying that years ago.

Nvidia needs to drop there marketing division now before they do anymore damage. Every day that Nvidia releases some offical statement as to why the FX doesn't live up to the hype or why they all of a sudden don't like 3dmark it just makes them look worse and worse.

Nvidia if you hadn't pushed 3dmark so much in the past it wouldn't be an issue now. Nvidia brought this on themselves legitimizing a synthetic bencmark that madde their cards look good. now that the shoe is on the other foot they cry foul and make themsleves look stupid in the process.

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