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Unhappy Leadtek 6600GT AGP - Faulty or Incompatable?

I just purchased a Leadtek 6600GT AGP card. Unfortunately all is not well, both in Windows and Linux. I have tried the card in two different PCs, and have not managed to get it either stable or artifact-free.

The specs of the two PCs are as follows:

Main PC - AthlonXP 2400+, Asus A7N-266C, 350W Enermax Power Supply, SB Audigy, 2 hard drives, one DVD burner, Leadtek Video Capture Card.

Second PC – Athlon 1200+, Asus A7V, 300W Power Supply (unsure of brand), Aureal Vortex 2 (yes, I have one and still use it!), 2 hard drives, a CD burner, a DVD rom.

The problems I've experienced are as follows:

Main PC running Windows XP
  • Some difficulty when installing drivers with intermittent crashing during installation.
  • PC will generally only get to the desktop the first reboot after installing drivers, after that it's pot luck.
  • Severe artefacts running Vampire Masquerade and Half Life 2 (both Source engine games - basically there would be stray polygons stretching out all over the place), however none in Unreal Tournament (the first one) in OpenGL, although I couldn't play it as it would crash.
  • A black vertical line is present from top to bottom on the right side when viewing DVDs in PowerDVD in full screen mode, and the line is still there but smaller when in windowed mode. It won’t crash however.
  • To ensure it wasn’t just Windows issues, I installed a fresh copy on a spare drive, and again after installation of the drivers, it would boot once, but crashed each time after that.
Main PC running Linux
  • Seemed to install fine, and played Super Tux in OpenGL fine. However, I updated the drivers from 71.67 to 81.78 and from there it would crash doing simple operations such as browsing files using Nautilus. Over time, this became worse where it would crash when the display manager started, and now the X server won’t even start.
Second PC running Windows XP
  • Proved to be more stable in that it wouldn’t crash, however upon playing games (Far Cry and Motor Cross Madness 2) after say 10 seconds, the display would turn red and green, and other artefacts would appear (e.g. textures would have 'noise' patterns running down them)

On both PCs after running a game, there were no artefacts once returning to the desktop.

Does it appear that the card is faulty, or that I’ve just lucked out with incompatibilities?
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