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god it's like they can't deal with a little competition.
Think about these things...

1. Multitexturing lawsuit with 3dfx: There were strong indications that had 3dfx not folded, they could have won this lawsuit. Think about what could/would have been should this have happened.

2. Matrox lawsuit: Matrox claimed that nVidia unfairly lured their top engineers to jump ship. I believe this one is still ongoing. How would you like it if your chief competitor was recruiting all of your top talent, especially while you were trying to get products out the door? There are very strong indications that Matrox has been in their current state as a direct result of these actions.

3. Kyro PDF: nVidia didn't like the fact that the Kyro was invading her space, so they send out a PDF to discredit that specific product.

4. 3DMark2003 PDF: nVidia didn't like the results it was getting, because it suddenly made them look "on-par" with ATI's 7 month old, they put together a stupid PDF showing why it's no longer acceptable to use for evaluating a 3D card.

Those were the things that popped into my head, as far as nVidia's take on competition...I don't think they like it, and I also think it's terribly funny to see these PR losers try and come up with a new excuse.
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