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Default Re: 1.0-8178 Segfaults on any GLX application

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu Dapper Flight 2 (really nice boot splash guys!) and I seem to have gotten things working with the 8174 drivers (in the distro repositories, no "by-hand" stuff) and the 2.6.15 kernel by adding "noapic" and "irqpoll" to the boot options. Not sure if they're both neccesary or not yet.

However, this is a UP kernel, so I'm only using one core at the moment, but it works at least. Before I added the boot options I would get random USB hangs, networking problems, and the sound would hiccup and nearly hang the machine...

Hopefully this thread might give some clues to someone else trying to get the MSI K8NGM2 going... Thanks to everyone else who posted their experiences in other threads that gave me clues...

*Edit* - got it going with an SMP kernel, but I still get crashes with high network loads using forcedeth, latest nvnet seems to work better, but I haven't tested it much...

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