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Exclamation this computers fked up, OC 5600 deep software issues

Ok so im on my girlfriends computer shes has a 5600 and amd 3000 400 fsb at 3300hz right now, early this month any game she would open would randomly reboot the computer. After some spyware fixes I thought that was tacken care of so now im moving on to overclocking. Her card now has artic silver5 on the gpu and some more fans on the ram. When I oc it, it will run fine at 400/600 originally 325/550, however somethings screwed up where games will randomly go into pixalations, so i use coolbits to set it back to starndard clocks and reopen the games and BW2, COD2, Gunz, Guildwars all come up messed up working but with major pixalation and sometimes BW2 runs fine when others dont so I know there some software conflict somewhere, mostlike what was giving me problems in the past.

Ive r/r the nvidia drivers but It could be messed up open gl? or direct x? can you guys help me troubleshoot this???? I dont think its heat, because that would fix itself at reboot or also when you leave the computer in 2d mode for a while

windows xp
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