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Default Re: Installing twice works!!

Sorry Netllama,

I didn't keep the old installer log. As I recall, it had the same last line as the current log that indicated, "Your X configuration file has been successfully updated. Installation of the NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for Linux-x86 (version: 1.0-8178) is now complete." I distinctly remember this message appearing after running the install script, too. It was a surprise to get the black screen upon reboot.

The new log correctly indicates that the tls items were not correctly installed the first time:
-> Validating previous installation:
-> Unable to access previously installed file
'/usr/lib/tls/' (No such file or directory).
-> Unable to access previously installed symlink
'/usr/lib/tls/' (No such file or directory).
-> done.

My distribution is Debian (unstable). I updated the packages right before compiling a new kernel (, to ensure that there wouldn't be a compiler mismatch when I ran the nvidia installer. I already new there wouldn't be a precompiled driver to match from previous attempts to run the installer. There are some unofficial nvidia driver packages on the web compiled to match debian kernels, but I decided against trying them out in favour of getting the latest kernel. I also switched to Xorg a while ago.
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