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Default Re: Dual Booting With Linux in Raid


It certainly sounds as though you are the person that I needed to hear from. You have already been around the block, and I haven't even got out the front door. I'm still digesting what you have said, so I'm not certain what I will do yet. I do still have time to return the mobo to the store, but it does have some features that I like, and it seems to work well with XP. I'm still working on some unrelated problems, but if it turns out that any of these are due to the mobo, I probably will return it. It caught my eye, where you mentioned having a motherboard die, because I have had similar problems lately. That is why I decided to try this mobo. As it turned out, I believe that the real problerm was simply some bad wiring on the power supply, but it would sometimes work and sometimes not, which caused me alot of confusion about what was happening.

The only problem with getting rid of your nForce board is that the only option that I know anything about is a Via motherboard, and these have a set of problems of their own. I have yet to figure how to setup the system on this mobo, because from what I have read, it appears that it may have a problem that has griped me with my MSI Neo2-F board. The Via system wants to use any IDE drive as a hot spare, which might be a nice idea, but what I want is for the SATAs and PATAs to function separately. The only way that I can do that, is to alternate which controller is turned off or on. If both are on at the same time, it leads to alot of potential problems.

I do have a copy of Centos 4.2, as well a couple of others. So I will experiment with each of them to see if any can see the drives and partitions properly.

If all else fails, I almost have enough parts to build a second tower, which I could dedicate to Linux. The big problem with that is that would complicate connecting the peripherals between them.

If you learn anything else along these lines, I would be all ears.
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