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Default Re: Driver for Nforce4 in linux?

Originally Posted by JaXXoN
If you like to have software RAID for both, Windows and Linux, you
might alternativly considering to purchase another four SATA drives,
so that you have one Linux software RAID5 set for Linux and one
NVRAID set for Windows. But this variant is not much cheaper
then an ARC-1210 solution, i guess, and a true battery buffered HW
RAID causes way less troubles anyway.
Four 80GB Seagate SATA150 at Newegg are ~265USD to~USA~door(the ones I bought), still, although that might drop some since those are the older models. Still manufactured I believe, and reported to be better than the newer models although I could not quite figure out why.
I did, after receiving mine, find out why some people are reporting DOA or short term deaths(STD). Newegg is wrapping the drives, in their static shield, in bubble plastic and sending them in peanuts. Almost EVERY g-force the box gets is translated to the drive. Mine had NO AIR in the bubbles on one side of the drive. That side was the side where the drive was facing the bottom of the box, indicating the air bubble had burst due to stress such as the box being dropped.
Seagate created the "Sea Shield" to prevent that problem and all other drives, OEM included, that I have received used it. I don't know why Newegg did not use the Sea Shield but do have plans to ask because I am concerned that the drives will suddenly die. Perhaps it is "OEM Drive" shipping policy or perhaps it was a packaging error. I don't know if mine are going to die soon or not... the drives had quite a bit of g-force shock to burst those bubbles but there is no way to gauge how much they actually took over the entire trip. Perhaps it was just that once when the bubbles burst... I hope so.

I guess there are applications for such a setup, but i'm more interessted
in having four x16 sized PCIe slots with configurable lanes (i.e. x8/x8/x8/x8
or x16/x16/x4/x4).


Yes, I agree!
AS long as all x16 are wired for x16 it seems like a better solution for mobo-makers who are trying to please the end user, be it OEM or consumer.
They can make room for the extra length by removing the floppy drive connector.

BTW, Tom's Hardware has an article about the Gigabyte 4x PCIe x16 mobo also: that I ran into the other day(it is from October...). They,unfortunately, also focused on using the Gigabyte's GA-8N SLI Quad Royal for multi-monitor display rather than testing how well multiple RAID &/or other cards would work.
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