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Default Re: Leadtek 6600GT AGP - Faulty or Incompatable?

OK, thanks for the replies so far. I've dug up the specs for the power supplies, listed below:

Main PC - Enermax EG365P-VE
  • +5V 32A
  • +12V 17A
  • +3.3V 32A
  • -5V 1A
  • -12V 1A
  • +5VSB 2.2A

Second PC - Hyena 300W (can't find model, but obviously it's more-or-less a 'no-name' in terms of quality)
  • +5V 25A
  • +12V 10A
  • +3.3V 14A
  • -5V 0.5A
  • -12V 0.5A
  • +5VSB 1A

From what you've said BigE4u, both of the power supplies are below spec for successful operation, although I do note that Nvidia only recommend 300W PSUs for the 6600GT AGP, I guess this is assuming much higher quality than what I have. The Enermax is probably 4 years old, and the Hyena maybe even 6 years old!

I did some experimentation as well on the main PC. I removed all the excess peripherals, leaving just the hard drives (needed both, can't boot off the spare hard drive - partition tables are apparently invalid), video card and sound card (not even DVD attached). Whilst I had marginally better success than before, I went a step further and down-clocked the CPU from 133MHz to 100 MHz FSB. The difference was pleasantly unexpected - no longer did I have issues getting to the desktop, it got there every time. I even managed to play some games (call of duty, SW:KoToR, Tenebrae) and run some demos. Whilst I still got crashing on occasion, overall stability was greatly improved.

This suggests that a better power supply is in order. Would it be an idea to stick with Enermax? They were amongst the most highly regarded from a few years ago weren't they? How about Antec?

As an aside, one thing I will mention that wasn't improved at all which I suspect is a driver issue is image quality in Vampire Bloodlines and presumably other source engine games. I've attached a screenshot of how things look (ignore the black at the bottom quarter of the screen, for some reason the GIMP was playing up). This was with the 77.77 drivers, but I had exactly the same things before with the 81.98 drivers. Anyone else getting this?
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