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Daniel Vogel has said that PS1.4 offers very little extra speed vs PS1.1 in UT2003. so it doesn't sound like the reason why the r9700 performs well is because of PS1.4 in this case.
Yeah, i know.. i was just pointing out that they do use PS 1.4 in that game. My understanding is that SS:SE ALSO uses the openGL equivalent of PS 1.4

sure it may not add any speed in the way it is used in UT. Specifically because they are tuned for PS 1.1, However they *could* push the terrain system a lot harder with PS 1.4 leaving the PS 1.1 cards in the dust. Just like 3dmark03.

They never will obviously.

I was just pointing out that Nvidias statements saying that Ps 1.4 is not being used is false. It is being used, and in the biggest games on the market. Which is really all that matters. Quality, not Quantity i say.
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