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Default Re: GeForce 6600 for Suse 10 IA32 HELP HELP


I have just installed the new vidia driver in my SuSE 10 system.
Inspection of your nvidia install shows that you did not set
the same path as I did. In fact, the default worked for me:
I guess that this is the same for any SuSE 10.
(In previous attempts I too set the kernel-path to /usr/source
because I got messages about kernel.h not found and that's where
it was. However, using the manual install I had to go back to
the default.)

Once the kernel module was installed and the XF86Config
file had nvidia instead of nv, I could not get the right resolution
to work (for me 1600X1200). Then I discovered by looking at the
/var/log/ that the driver was adding its own modeline
(which it got from the chip I presume).
I commented out all the mode lines in the /etc/X11/XF86Config
file and it worked !

Hope this is of any help for you,

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