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Thumbs down Re: GeForce 6600 for Suse 10 IA32 HELP HELP

Originally Posted by taurai
I have battled, with out success, with my Geforce 6600, trying to install the driver. I have a 17" wide screen on a Toshiba Laptop (Toshiba Qosmio). I start Suse 10 and go to runlevel 3 and try


Using YOU to automatically update the driver. YOU goes through and does the download/update and installation without any problems/complaints. But when it finishes I do not have the "1.0-8178" driver installed. My 3D accelation is still inactive (disabled and can't be changed). Trying to force SAX to have any screen resoulution higher than 1024X768@60Hz will cause startx to fail. Can only get startx to start in a mode equal to 1024X768@60Hz or lower, with no 3D accelaration. FAILS FAILS FAILS


The second approach also FAILS FAILS FAILS as detailed below
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