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Post Re: Java causes crash on dual Athlon MP

Hi there,

Sorry about not attaching the bug report file. I even read the instructions. Whoops. My system is using FC4's latest kernel and the latest nvidia driver. How do I go about getting the complete kernel oops output as you requested? Also, I've tried booting with every combination of "acpi=off|on|force" and with or without "noapic" with no perceivable difference.

In reply to pzgren, I'm using Sun's JDK and I have installed it the way I install any other RPM. This works fine on my Pentium systems and non-SMP Athlon. Only my Dual Athlon has the problem.

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Workbox: Dual AthlonMP @ 1.2 GHz : 2 GB DDR RAM : GeForceFX 5200 : Fedora Core 4
Homebox: P4 @ 3 GHz : 1 GB DDR2 RAM : GeForce 6600 GT : Fedora Core 4

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