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Default Is it worth it to push the 6800GT?

I got my BFG 6800GToc (agp)when they first came out. I've almost always kept her clocked at 415/1116. I'm starting to need more juice for COD2, FEAR, NFSMW and whatnot.
I've had the card as high as 432/1125 & got 6035 on 3DM05. I think I'm voltage limited at anything higher than 432, I start getting a few artifacts in 3DM05. My Q is would it really be worth it to flash the card for 1.4v 3D. Do you think an everyday OC of 450/1128 on a GT would last long. I've got plenty of cooling. Zalman Vf700 on the card 100% copper and lots of case fans. For the past few weeks I've run @422 the GPU never reaches above 68c and I enjoyed a small bump in speed.
So what do you think would it be worth the risk for just a few more FPS?

O and whats the best program to test for artifacts and snow?
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