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Smile Re: Java causes crash on dual Athlon MP


Although it's not the ideal fix, I've "solved" the problem by switching out my home server (dual PIII @ 800 MHz) with the problematic dual Athlon workstation. I can now launch Java-based programs without any problems, even with the nVidia driver loaded. Since the dual Athlon is now my server, I threw in an old TNT video card which is only there for the occasional console access. The GeForceFX 5200 works like a charm in the dual PIII, and aside from the system being a tad slower, the Dual PIII is rock-solid.

I need this system functional for work tomorrow, so I have no more time to troubleshoot. Thanks for the tips and I'm sorry that I had to abandon this thread.

Workbox: Dual AthlonMP @ 1.2 GHz : 2 GB DDR RAM : GeForceFX 5200 : Fedora Core 4
Homebox: P4 @ 3 GHz : 1 GB DDR2 RAM : GeForce 6600 GT : Fedora Core 4
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