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Default Re: Is it worth it to push the 6800GT?

I think you all are right. After reading a few of your post I searched back to 2004 posts and found alot of dead bfg6800gt cards. Lots of guessing with green and blue PCB but all in all very few positive results. I'm going to see how far I can push the card 24/7 on the standard BIOS, 430+ I hope. I'm planning on putting together a new rig within the next 6 months, either a duel GPU card or a 512GTX. I might just change over to AMD.

While I'm here, can anyone tell me the difference between gpu artifacts and mem artifacts. The way I remember if you get triangle polys the GPU is too high if you get snow the memory is too fast or overheating. And if it just crashes or major artifacts the GPU is at it's top???right?
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