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Default Re: 6800gt help needed asap

Originally Posted by Ironmanstl
Well, I have had my bfg6800gt for just over a year now. Been running it at stock speed for the last 6 months, no problems.
Over the last month or so, my computer boots normally. I can see the windows starting screen, but as soon as it changes the resolution to my predetermined setting and launches the profile manager in XP I lose the screen. It looks fragmented and colored snowy, like youd expect with a toasted card.
I can boot up in safe mode, all is good no problems.
I believe it has something to do with the resolution change.
I have reinstalled the latest drivers, as well as my original ones. Doesn't help.
This used to be intermitent, now it happens all the time.
I checked my heatsink and temp... all is good.

Is there anything else I can try or is it hooped?

thanks guys
Is it possible for you to try this card in a different PC? Take a close look at the capacitors and look for any broken connections.
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