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I heard loosely that there's an up and coming AIC for NVIDIA to supposedly replace one of the one's that may not be working out too well. this company apparently is getting drivers hand crafted by NVIDIA to support a quad gpu video card. the drivers apparently make a connection to NVIDIA in some way everytime they're loaded or "something". the details are not specific. just the notion of a quad gpu video card is kind of intriguing i suppose. also those hand crafted NVIDIA Linux drivers apparently support another form of SLI rendering currently not available to us (this is all rumor.)

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds telomere repeat sequences to the 3' end of DNA strands. By lengthening this strand DNA polymerase is able to complete the synthesis of the "incomplete ends" of the opposite strand.

* is a ribonucleoprotein;
* Its single RNA molecule provides an AAUCCC (in mammals) template to guide the insertion of TTAGGG.
* Its protein component called TERT ("TElomere Reverse Transcriptase") provides the catalytic action.
* Thus telomerase is a reverse transcriptase; synthesizing DNA from an RNA template.
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