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Originally posted by swanlee
All Nvidia execs should just walk around with targets on their foreheads. I have never seen a company whine and complain and try and cover up their lack of producing a good product before. They are really making themselves look completely silly and childish. My god it's like they can't deal with a little competition.
Oh yeah?? I have, and the company was called 3DFX.

Looks like the bad carma from killing 3dfx has come back to haunt them.
3DFX killed themselves, boy-o. They released an overpriced, underpowered card that didn't appeal to the core market.
The 3DFX Voodoo 6 was a sham, and the voodoo 5 just wasn't enough. So has the irony been lost on everyone that the newest card from Nvidia was created in conjunction with some 3DFX engineers that blew it with the voodoo line?
THAT'S bad mojo if i ever saw it.
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