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Originally posted by sonaboy
[b]Oh yeah?? I have, and the company was called 3DFX.

3DFX killed themselves, boy-o. They released an overpriced, underpowered card that didn't appeal to the core market.
The 3DFX Voodoo 6 was a sham, and the voodoo 5 just wasn't enough. So has the irony been lost on everyone that the newest card from Nvidia was created in conjunction with some 3DFX engineers that blew it with the voodoo line?
THAT'S bad mojo if i ever saw it.
the vsa100 chips were really good they just came up too late and they have to compete with the gf2 (which in terms of speed they were faster but in IQ that was a different story). Although those cards still have the best FSAA quality that i have ever seen only ATI has reach that now imo...
Also with the bought of gigapixel tech, the nvidia lawsuit, etc they just didnt have enough money...
the voodoo 5 still sold well there were many 3dfx fans that prefer the IQ rather than fps...
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