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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

Alright- I'm back after a duration of not using Linux. Like I said, I'm back to Linux, tired of always using bloated XP.

Anyways, my hardware has remained the same.

-I have upgraded to Ubuntu 5.10 (clean install).
-I have tried the packages in Ubuntu's Synaptic package manager and using the latest 2 nvidia installers (8174 and 8178), all with similar results (similar to before).

When I use 8147 or 8178, I cannot boot into X at all. It goes through the dialog, shows the Ubuntu logo, which quickly changes into a glitched-color version of the logo for a moment, and then crashes to a black screen.

To be able to boot up X/gnome, I have to uninstall the driver and install nvidia-glx from synaptic, and it will also not boot up under a xorg.conf file that should work. The "driver" setting must be changed back to the old "nv" setting to use the old driver, and then X and gnome will boot (with what appears to be no 3d support at all).

When I boot up with the nvidia-glx package installed and with the xorg.conf driver set to "nvidia", it generates an error log, Xorg.0.log, which I have attached. I have also attached the xorg.conf file generated by the 8178 install which, I believe, should work under either setup.

I'll attach a bug file after a crash from the 8178 soon. I've gone through some of the solutions on here (ensuring that the nvidia-glx and related are uninstalled (and gone from /etc/init.d/) when installing the 8178 drivers- nothing seems to be working).

Anyways, I don't plan on disappearing back to the dark side again (windows) - I'd really like to see this resolved.

And, while I'm at it,
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