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"3DFX killed themselves, boy-o. They released an overpriced, underpowered card that didn't appeal to the core market.
The 3DFX Voodoo 6 was a sham, and the voodoo 5 just wasn't enough. So has the irony been lost on everyone that the newest card from Nvidia was created in conjunction with some 3DFX engineers that blew it with the voodoo line?
THAT'S bad mojo if i ever saw it."

I see the irony and find it quite funny that the FX is nearly identical to the 6000. Large card, overpriced, no mass appeal, late to market and doesn't perfom as well as expected. Hell I had a 5500 until a couple of months ago great card to still has best looking AA around. Problem is for Nvidia these are now Nvidia employee's and Nvidia's marekting and PR departments are just making things much worse for them. They really need to shut up and just accept defeat this round and move on.
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