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Default NVIDIA driver & multiple kernel environments

Hi all!

I recently switched from ATI to NVIDIA and am now facing the following problem:
On my Fedora Core 3 system I have 2 parallelly installed kernel environments (same version: standard distro & custom built), between which I switch when needed.

As I do not want to recompile the nvidia driver each time I switch the kernel environment, I am looking for a way to build and install the driver's kernel module interface for just the 'other' kernel environment, if that is possible at all with the nvidia driver.

I am aware of the '--kernel-name' option, but that is no help here, because the installer deletes any installed driver for running kernel, prior to builing the new one.

I am thinking of editing the Makefile, is such as deleting the 'remove old driver' section, but will that do?

Any other hints/suggestions?

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