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Default Re: Finally a XFX 6800 GS 256 mb AGP

So the 6800GS AGP is just a crippled 6800GT? Huge dissapointment although I'm not surprised. The old nv40-core simply cant reach the speeds of the nv42.

Seems Nvidia is releasing a crappy AGP-card just to annoy people and force them to go PCI-e. Reminds me of the stupid downclocked 6600gt AGP. Made no sense whatsoever since both PCI-e and AGP-versions used the exact same memory.

But this time the AGP-version gets a different slower core and theres nothing AGP-users can do about it. Unless they get lucky and unlock 4 additional healthy pixel pipes.

I was thinking of upgrading to 6800GS, but now ATI will probably get my money. They actually have AGP-cards worth spending money on.
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