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Default Powermizer, GPU temperatures and suchlike

I am running a Dell i8600 with the GeForceFX 5200Go. I know it isn't exactly the greatest card in the world, but it does me. However, I have noticed how hot it gets. When I play a game, it is very frequent that the card hits 80C and settles there, and thats with the fans on full blast. So, some questions.

1. Does this seem normal? At that kind of temperature, I'm thinking that the chipset won't last very long and need to get replaced within a matter of seconds (not quite...).
2. Powermizer in Windows keeps my temperature down, so is there anything of this sort for Linux? Would using nvclock to underclock my card help much? More to the point, if I underclock my card, will it still work?
3. In nvidia-settings, the card has a "Slowdown Threshold" box that says 118C, but it is greyed out. Is there a way to change this threshold? It isn't a hardwired thing on the chipset, because it is 130C in Windows.
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