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I had 3 3dfx cards and they were all great, greatest drivers of any video card maker. The drivers were always rock solid on the initial release and then later twaked a bit to give huge performance gains. and yes and the 5500 the AA was outstanding My AIw 9700 pro comes close but it's still not quite as good lookingg in the AA department.

I don't doubt Nvidia has a lot of good people working there, like with any company, just seems now the louder portion of nvidia is a babbling bunch of hypocritical morons that don't seem to grasp how stupid they sound.

Hello nvidia you practically put 3dmak on the map pushing it to the moon since it made older Nvidia cards look good. Now they are ticked off that 3dmark is impartial and uses a straight DX8/9 path instead of a propriatray Nvidia path.
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