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Default Why continue with NVIDIA?

It has been a year now. I've done everything I can to get a response from NVIDIA and no luck. They are a chip maker, they don't support their product. And this is why I really can't see why anyone would want to use their products any more.

I have an HP zd7140US laptop with a GoFX 5200 Nvidia graphics chip. This machine has not had the ability to recover from standby or hybernate since updating to the last video driver 6681 more than a year ago.

I use to be a strong supporter of Nvidia, I felt they made an amazing number of 3D graphic enhancements and innovations in their time. But it wasn't till I got a laptop with an Nvidia chip that I truly came to understand why others might want to use a different company like ATI.

I have used their support facility and gone round and round trying to get some response but none showed up. More than a few times I asked HP if a new driver came out and they had not heard of one.

What's the use of having a product from a company if they won't support it? Now with the new wave of drivers, many chips are being left to their last set of drivers and the chip pile will slowly increase. What problems will Nvidia avoid solving by depreciating old chips with their drivers?

I was ecstatic when I saw the Go 7800 driver but reading quickly let me know that it was only for a select few Go 7800 chips and wouldn't work with my chip.

I wasn't looking for any more functionality out of my graphic chips other than what it should do. Recover from Standby or Hibernate without me needing to power off and back on the machine. I've noted that this problem has been around for a while.

Anyone with info on how to work through this problem I would enjoy hearing from you. Anyone who knows how to really get support from Nvidia. I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks and happy new year everyone.

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