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Originally posted by netviper13
Err, sorry but the only misleading manufacturer is Intel; propogating their mhz-only mentality on the unwary public.

AMD's PR ratings are actually quite conservative when compared to Intel's. Also, as applications become more intensive Intel's huge pipeline is going to become a problem.

Thoroughbred was simply AMD's way of battening the hatches and riding out the storm until the release of the Hammer chips.
That is alot of wishful thinking on your part for AMD. Intel isn't the one that adds numbers like 2000+ or 2200+ or anything like that when they are a few hundred megahertz from the 2.0 Ghz mark. By the way... AMD was the one that came up with that argument because they saw that they were begining to fall behind and that have no way of catching up to Intel anytime in the near future. So they needed to raise sales and thus they came up with that argument and then "backed it up" by tweaking their processors to unstable levels to the point that they run so hot that it is dangerous for the consumer's investment. Now, isn't that misleading? Why do you think that Athlon XP's, wow that is another misleading thing, XP, "hmm... I am guessing that since it says XP it is what my new OS needs to run properly", anyways, AMD is misleading consumers and tricking them into buying their, not inferior, but not the best product that they could get. AMD is still below the 2 ghz mark, and won't release any new chips until 2003 by the looks of things. Intel hasn't changed anything, Pentium, that is not a misleading name now is it? oh now wait they changed one thing, they changed the 3 to a 4, but then again, that is just the series number, oh and they also changed the release date of their 2.8 ghz Pentium 4 to the 3rd Quarter, and then they had the nerve to change the release of their 3.06 Ghz Pentium 4 to September 1st. As applications become more intensive Intel will release more powerful processors to deal with these more intensive applications like they always have. I think Intel and AMD should start hiring some of us to advertise and convince people to buy their products, same goes for NVIDIA and ATI, lol, we are getting good at this aren't we? If you, Intel AMD NVIDIA or ATI are reading... HIRE US! We will make you richer!
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