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Default Re: I think the Alzheimer's is getting to MikeC...

Originally Posted by nV`andrew
i always say it is the year that has justy passed about 3 months after the new year as well. I dont think it is that i froget the year, i think it is the fact that is just does not feel like a new year to me
Banks are usually good about taking them for awhile, even though it's the wrong year. Probably because many people do this. Still, my mother for instane was doing this until April or May one year, and people started bawlking, because well they wanted to get payed

Still, when my paternal grandfather got older, he did worse, though it wasn't forgetfullness At the age of 55, he kept "forgetting" what his age was, so he started subtracting a year each time his birthday swung around :devious: Still, my father was born in 1925, so as to his father, well, they just didn't keep the sorta records on individuals they do now. They probably didn't have a birth certificate to verify anything by

BTW, is today Tuesday 2, or Wednesday in the roundup? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself there
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