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I had 3 3dfx cards and they were all great, greatest drivers of any video card maker. The drivers were always rock solid on the initial release and then later twaked a bit to give huge performance gains. and yes and the 5500 the AA was outstanding My AIw 9700 pro comes close but it's still not quite as good lookingg in the AA department.
Heh... Talk about rose colored glasses. and remebmer the alamo...

*perhaps* you could make a case that the VSA 100 had better 2x or 4x FSAA... Which is really pushing it imo. Both ATi and 3dfx use Rotated Grid/Jittered sample patters. I think 3dfx's were a little different. But Ati's AA is also Gama Corrected. The line is drawn there however. Nothing ever produced touches ATi's 6x FSAA. Which is also about 6x faster than the voodoo5's 4x AA.

What also separates the Two is the VSA 100 had minimal Anisotropic support. which is basically Texture AA in a nutshell. when taken into accound that ATi's AA and AF are virtually never seperated... I just dont think that 3dfx stands a chance. Especially when you consider most 9700pro users have 4x FSAA+16xAF on by default in nearly every game they play.
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