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Default Re: Dual Booting With Linux in Raid

A portion of the problem solved. After resetting the IDE jumper to slave, and reordering the boot sequence, SuSe 10.0 now sees the partitions on the IDE, however, not on the SATAs. I suppose that I could unplug the SATAs and reformat and install Linux on the IDE, but that would leave me with possibly a complex switching requirement to go between systems. I'm still reluctant to experiment with the SATAs, because SuSe pops a warning during setup that it detected the software raid, and that it is only sometimes sucessful with these. It did recommend either the Highpoint or Promise controllers, but I guess that a bit late to help me in selecting the motherboard.

BTW, the SuSe 10.0 kernel is 2.6.13-15
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