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Default UNBELIEVABLE. FX5700LE install worked like magic on SLACKWARE.

Just got myself a nVidia FX5700LE 256M. My system dual boots W2k & Slackware v9.1. Took some
doing to get Windows to work, messing around with the BIOS options until it would boot without
freezing long enough to install the drivers, then turned on things like AGP 4x, etc.. and it still works
now that the drivers are in. Programs that use OpenGL are really slow to start up though, will look
into d/l-ing newer OpenGL for windows. Set aperture to 64M .

Booted Slackware. VGA works OK, but xf86config was useless. Had been using a RIVA TNT. Got
slackware, no YaST, no sax2. Read about d/l the nVidia driver pkg. It's a sh script with a tar
attached. I've only got slightly over 40M in my root partition, not sure that's enough but I figure
I'll try anyway. Had to d/l to another partition just to get enough space so it wouldn't die out
while unpacking. Still, it ends up unpacking everything into a directory in /tmp which is also in
my root partition. Says it needs to build a kernel module as there's not a prebuilt one available.
Blows out my root partition in the process-- 0 available space as root, so I'm not running with any
margin. It doesn't tell me anythings amiss, I check in another console window to see how much
space I have in root and it's completely zip. BUT-- it asks if I want to generate an XF86config file,
I page to another console window and remove the *.o files in the module source directory which
gives me about 9M free, tell it to go ahead and gen the XF86config and IT WORKS PERFECTLY.
Was looking like I'd never get there without cleaning some major dirty laundry out of root (and
even then, I wasn't optimistic, given the dependency hells I've found with Linux installations
these days).

BRILLIANT. I have no idea how they pulled it off-- I mean, come on this is SLACKWARE-- nothing
works without tweaking on Slackware-- but except for the fact I had too little space, or rather
DESPITE the fact I had too little space it actually WORKED flawlessly. Nice job, guys...

Oh, and after the installer finished it cleaned up /tmp and left me with over 39M in root. So it
only gobbled up a couple of meg when it was all said and done. Truly stellar...


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