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Default Problem with flashing 6800!! HELP!

I flashed my eVGA 6800 limited edition to 415/1130 in late 2004, and it worked stable. Until FEAR came out, where i could see artifacting at certain points, it must be pushing the card that games previously (source etc) did not, the fix is to underclock the memory to 1100. I have backed up the BIOS and edited it with NiBiToR to make the new bios 415/1100.

I made a bootable floppy and put nvflash and wfflash, then i tried to flash by using commands such as nvflash -p -u -f new.rom but all it does is bring up the nvflash menu showing you all the commands, it doesnt flash anything!!! with wfflash, it tried to flash, but it took like 20 minutes just sitting there saying 'backed up to saveold.rom' where i remember before when i originaly flashed it it continued after about 1 minute, so I rebooted the computer manually.

Oh great, now the card didnt work at ALL. The comp posts, but no video signal . This is what happens when a flash fails, but when wfflash was trying to flash it wasnt DOING anything just sitting there for ages and i mean ages with no errors.

Lucky I had my asus 6800 vanilla, (unfortunately some friend has my old PCI card arg), but I tried to just do some test with nvflash to see if it would get further than the menu screen but it didnt, all it comes up with various commands like -5 -6 -w etc i have tried, all it does is bring up the menu screen showing nvflash's options.

I tried using autoexec.bat on the floppy to make it auto do something with the stuffed evga 6800 limited edition, but it had the same results of nvflash doing nothing and wfflash trying to flash but not going anywhere. What am I doing wrong?? help!!
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