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Default Re: Driver for Nforce4 in linux?

Hey Bernhard,
Originally Posted by JaXXoN
What are you using as backup media?
um, luck... ?
I have a tape drive but it is not in use currently; old & small too. Only planned/good for critical backups.
I use multiple drives and cross save data/info I don't want to lose easily. Playing the numbers game, ya know.
Maybe you could do the data sharing that way?
Too slow.
i.e. i'm using an external USB/SATA drive for backup (RAID doesn't excuse you from doing backups).
However, true, it's not the nicest solution ...
Good enough, I hope, as I do similar. Also, think once I get the rest of things online, will do backups to a server disk array and use the tape drive on it for partitions that need extra care. I have to check it's usability against using CD-RW or DVD+RW. The latter might be faster.(and cheaper too).
I agree that RAID is only part of the solution but it sure does help when a drive dies. I have done backup and restore using tape. It is not fun. The really expensive ones are, of course, easier and are, of course, not in the budget at this time.
RAID 5 is a numbers game as are all RAID. Probabilities of multiple drives going out at the same time are pretty low. Certainly low enough that all but the most critcal stuff does not have to be on tape/disk.

I was considering purchasing a UPS for my workstation, but the power grid is pretty stable in my small country - here, only a server deserves a UPS! :-)


Lucky you. I have never lived in any location with as bad power service as what I have now. It does not matter what the weather is, power can just go out. It quit here the day before Christmas for, apparently, no reason at all.
I have lived in cites, towns and country(where closest neighbor is a mile away). This place beats 'em all.

I have to have UPS. I could not compute without it.

Computers and peripherals are better than they used to be but they still do not like it when the plug gets pulled.

On a bit more relevant subject to this thread, have you ever heard of somebody having trouble with the nVidia Audio drivers that come with the nForce4 Platform?
I mean "trouble" as in the drivers somehow causing auto-reboot of the system when the mixer is used or something similar.

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