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Default Re: Why continue with NVIDIA?

Originally Posted by yooyo
1. Only laptop vendor give driver support. This mean, ASK HP for fresh display driver.
2. Since HP, Toshiba and other laptop vendors doesn't release fresh drivers, some guy at (l-a-p-t-o-p-v-i-d-e-o-2-g-o) have made a mod's for "regular" drivers. So, just download fresh driver and get moded .inf file from lv2go site and install.

I have my 5600Go on ACER laptop and Im using this moded drivers without any problem.

This is the answer to a long awaited want. Thank you Yooyo very much, the modified inf file from worked like a charm. I'm running 81.98 and hibernate and standby work perfectly.

I'm practically giddy. I can use my laptop on battery again and not fear it's gone into a state I'll have to shut it down to bring it back. Many thanks to the people who know this mumbo jumbo and can make it work for us the great unwashed masses. Time to take a bath.

Thanks again and happy new year!

Yes NV News saved my sanity and sense of good choice for picking a laptop with an Nvidia chip. A satisfied patron.
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