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Default Re: Thank You Nvidia for providing rock solid Linux Driver support!

For most users who posted in this thread the drivers work great. Myself I have been using the nvidia drivers since the first release (since xfree86 3.x!) and I haven't experienced much issues at all.

It isn't fair to say that the nvidia drivers suck just because it doesn't work fine for you. In general the nvidia drivers are very stable and they also perform well and also compaired to what the competition offers they are great. Ofcourse there are people who have issues but even those don't have to be nvidia's fault. There are allways driver bugs which affect a small number of people. Nobody can make a bugfree product. Second quite often the problem lies in the hardware of the user. The user might experience freezes because his powersupply is not powerfull enough, because of not enough cooling in his system case and there are dozens of other causes like this.
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