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Default Re: Finally a XFX 6800 GS 256 mb AGP

The 6800GS seems to be identical the old Asus V9999 GE card. Nv40 core with 12 pixel pipelines, core at 350MHz, GDDR3 memory at 1000MHz.

So here's 2 reviews of the "6800GS AGP":

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Heh, no way. If its significantly faster than the 6600GT AGP, itl sell like crazy because right now there is a HUUUGE hole in the Nvidia graphics card market and it covers everything above "low end". Systems like mine are still in the top range as far as CPU\RAM speed and features, but if I had a mid\low end card (like a 6600GT) , I would have *ZERO* video upgrade options short of buying a second hand 6800 or going ATI (and who the hell wants to do that? ).
Why would ppl buy crap products from Nvidia if ATI offers better cards?

Im not gonna buy a 6800GS agp UNLESS theres a very high chance of unlocking 4 more functioning pipes or if the card is cheap enough.
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