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Question Re: Thank You Nvidia for providing rock solid Linux Driver support!

well lets not burn the messenger,... maybe we should,....

do think the nvidia developers, doing their best effort, maybe understaffed, to meet the challenge,... unfortunately, it's also the distribution what lacks,
like with all wealth, or info,....example,... take suse 10.0 from novel, do an yast online update, and get an 7676 unpatched version, with an death of black screen,....
so maybe we go the send the messenger back to the Nvidia King, and keep the head, just in case we have visitors, and we can show the best of the best.
the point is , no matter how good the drivers are, since tousands of users, and major distributions, still don't work,..... need to get them more current,...

maybe all the NVIDIA users, could travel , to the Burning Man, and bring a nvidia product, a patch printout, an linux distro, with a black screen plague, and have a happy gathering, see how high we can pile that shi^&t, bring some fireworks, throw some bugs in it, roll in the mud, have a party, have a ball,
since you won't be playing any games in linux for fun,....have another drink,
prost, oh, feel free, pray to the Nvidia good, or the burning chrome,
life is good, buy an PS3, run OSX on it, and forget all your problems.
cheers, Robert Schultz, ---------------- (NVIDIA)
happy new year! Frohes Neues, Jahr! Bonne Anne!

Originally Posted by joffe
And my experience is that they do reply to bug reports e-mailed to them. No matter how much you whine about your problem you always get a polite answer.
For me that goes a long way.
grew up on Sun Os, now got forced on windoz, at home trying to survive on SuSe linux,....
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