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Arrow I have to ask

Originally Posted by Remowylliams
I've done everything I can to get a response from NVIDIA and no luck. They are a chip maker, they don't support their product. ... I have an HP zd7140US laptop
It's good you're running again.

But I have to ask: why are you expecting NVIDIA to support a Hewlett Packard product? You don't contact Sharp if your Dell LCD goes bad; you don't contact 3M if the Scotchguard is bad on your automobile seat covers, and you don't contact DuPont if a plastic toy breaks prematurely.

After fifteen years in the electronics industry, I still don't undertstand why people expect OEMs like NVIDIA to support products sold by other vendors. Meh. OEMs don't provide end-user customer support. You must contact the manufacturer of the product you bought.
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