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Default Re: Dual Booting With Linux in Raid

The Areca ARC-1210 is a SATA II PCIe *complete* hardware RAID solution that it is compatible with *nix & MS Win* so it should resolve any dual system issue. The price is slightly less than 400USD to a USA door for the 4 SATA, and ~800USD for the 12 SATA(ARC-1230). There is an 8(the 1220) but I don't know the price. The ARC needs a PCIe x8 slot for full speed but will fit into PCIe x16 as well as an open-ended PCIe x4 slot and run at whatever is available from it. Throughput is reported as > 155MB/s using x8 with SATA150s.

It has been receiving extremely high reviews but after all, it is 400USD so it should. The thing is that many others cost as much or more but do not have the performance so it is good to find one that does.

There are AMD 8111 & 8132 solutions for the mobos. AMD had those solutions before(ithink) the nForce4 with the SLI solutions. There are the Crossfire solutions too.
I am no fan of VIA as they have a long hit & miss history so would probably not go that direction.
I am hoping that the new board will not have problems.
I don't have much faith there because I have since found that there are problems with the NV audio drivers and/or mixer too. ( The drivers caused instant reboot(s) when using the mixer... ) In fact, it might be possible that is what caused my system to have a SID... don't know yet.

Since SATA do not have Master/Slave relationships, it becomes a little more difficult for the BIOS or OS to recognize which is which. I am not sure why, exactly, but it is obvious that it is true.
I setup a RAID 5 during one of the first (linux) installs using the four SATA drives(3 + 1 spare). During the subsequent (linux) installations, I found that the SATA drives were recognized as software RAID with ext3 filesystems but the RAID volume type was undefined. It was somehwere about that point that I started focusing on getting the NV RAID done and, well, the rest is history, so to speak.

I do not think XP can be saved. It is, after all, a MS product.
But, seriously, I think that you should try to migrate the current installation over to a new installation because I do not think you could setup a new RAID that includes the current drive with XP on it. You need to ask someone with more hands on RAID experience but when I last checked on trying to do that(a year or so ago) I found that there is a method but it is risky and quite difficult. In summary, it was not worth it.

I am glad you have made some progress! Although I am sure it is not as much or the quality you desired.
I am not sure what SuSE means by their warning.
I'm still reluctant to experiment with the SATAs, because SuSe pops a warning during setup that it detected the software raid, and that it is only sometimes sucessful with these.
I do know that sometimes such warnings are for covering their backsides in the event something fails and end user wants to blame XYZ0 for it. It might be similar to the warning one gets prior to opening disk druid or similar product to modify the partitioning. While it is true, it is basically just a reminder that you better be very sure of what you are doing and how to do it as well as have everything backed-up to a separate location which cannot be affected by the changes(the last part being essiential). It might be worth the time to look for info about what it really means.

It sounds like you have another system. Have you considered using a KVM to share monitor, mouse and keyboard? With a crossed patch cord you can connect the two systems together directly or use the standard LAN patch cord and do it with a server/client relationship. It does have the advantage of not requiring reboots to use the other OS...
I cannot do that at this time ... power supply problems(house power) won't be resolved for a while.

Hope progress continues for you. I have to work on other things and, besides, I don't have the mobo here...

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