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Originally Posted by ricercar
It's good you're running again.

But I have to ask: why are you expecting NVIDIA to support a Hewlett Packard product? You don't contact Sharp if your Dell LCD goes bad; you don't contact 3M if the Scotchguard is bad on your automobile seat covers, and you don't contact DuPont if a plastic toy breaks prematurely.

After fifteen years in the electronics industry, I still don't undertstand why people expect OEMs like NVIDIA to support products sold by other vendors. Meh. OEMs don't provide end-user customer support. You must contact the manufacturer of the product you bought.
Because you get use to getting drivers from the source. If you buy a Nvidia card from eVGA and you want the latest drivers made. You go to eVGA and look and there it is, a driver set that is a month older than your card. You snatch it up and install it in your system and you see you still have a problem.

Then you see that Nvidia has the latest latest driver that's not a 66 version but a 72 version. Holy cow that's gotta fix you problem. You hear how other people have fixed this problem or that problem on various websites just by installing this Beta driver whatever.

Then of course there's this fact that Nvidia doesn't put out a FAQ explaining laptops are a special situation. That requires direct manufacturer support. And when the Manufacture says we're waiting for another driver from Nvidia and it doesn't come. Well where do you need to look?

All you see when you try to install the driver for your laptop with one from the nvidia site is. 'This driver is not designed to work with your video card....' It kind of makes you go Hmmm did they just make the Go chip and are now not going to support it? Blah blah blah.

If 'You' understand where and how these drivers come about. Did you get that info from your general experience with computers Like any user would or did you get it from exposure to more technical experiences etc?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard techno-geeks say yeah well all you have to do is this and this.. install the latest block driver interface yadah yadah... like it should be plain and simple as breathing air.

A user is told. Well if this isn't working for you, your machine is unstable etc. Get the latest driver and see if that fixes it. This is of course a user not a techno-geek. They think ok well the latest driver is April 2004 and it's January 2006.. crap maybe I can get something from the chip maker. It's got an nvidia chip, there's a sticker right on the computer that says so.

Deride me all you like for looking to NVidia to fix my problem. I'm a little more savvy computerwise than the average computer user. So I know when something isn't working generally where to look first. But in the end. NVidia did provide the fix for my problem. I just needed a tweaked .inf file to make it install right.

So I ask you ricercar, why couldn't NVidia have said go ask folks at NVnews, go look at, sent back even 1 email reply to my question?

No I don't go to 3M to complain about Scotchguard. Generally because 3M isn't going to come out with a driver I can install to fix the functionality of the product

I would go to Phillips however if I found 1000 units had a chip made by them failed and ask if they have a newer chip to fix it.

Again I thank the patrons of this site. I wouldn't have learned any of this if it wasn't for you and me finding the place and asking the question.

Happy New year
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