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Exclamation Re: 8178, go440, toshiba 5105-s501, acpi "no-legacy"

Would it help if i sent a copy of my windoze registry?
Perhaps if you can dig into that and find where the Toshiba's store things....etc.
It's a shame that Toshiba has this "legacy free" bios, but there IS a bios in these machines, and I'm not the only one with this problem.

If the Nvidia windoze drivers can detect things, and previous Linux drivers detected things (mostly), then surely there's some simple mistake in the 8xxx code, or at least a way to correctly detect the dot clock....heck, even nvclock detects it correctly !!!!

Being forced to set nvreg_mobile to dell is completely out of the blue, and probably is the factor that leads to the bad dotclock reading.

I'm willing to do what's needed to resolve this problem.

The Doctor
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