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Thumbs down NForce drivers version 1.0-0310 - no ALSA?!

First of all I am quite happy that nVidia bothers to make drivers for Linux. That's about as happy as I am with nVidia.

The new 1.0-0310 drivers finally fixes compatibility problems with some kernels, so that it is now possible to actually load the drivers into a kernel. Only problem is that the drivers are for the deprecated Open Sound System, which is likely not to be present in future kernel versions, and already is not that well supported in a lot of distributions anymore. I for one, am unable to use any of the sound applications I normally use with this set of drivers and am unable to use the normal means to configure my sound.

Why nVidia has not chosen to support ALSA from the beginning is beyond me. ALSA is already quite old and is widespread - the 2.6 lines of kernels even have OSS emluation for ALSA devices, so OSS drivers is not really needed and we could all just drop OSS driver support completly today (if everyone had ALSA drivers) and we wouldn't be able to feel the difference.

This is unacceptable. ALSA support is required on a modern Linux desktop. OSS is not.
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