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Default Re: [Xid] Found temporary solution

Interessting observation! I was about to post a similar one, but for
me it's actually the opposite: after running Cone3-nvcrash (BTW.:
no immediate system freeze any more with 8178) i also see
a number of XIDs in the kernel log and then the system easily
freezes when switching from X to text console. This "bad mood"
even persists after power cycling (power off for five seconds) -
means after reboot, the system still easily crashes when switching VTs.
It is necessary to power down the machine for at least 30
seconds to get the driver behaving well, again. Other then
that, 8178 works pretty good for me, so far (i'm having some
troubles with UT2004, but i think that's a different issue, not
related to the nvidia driver).


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