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Default Re: mdraid vs. dmraid benchmark and Intel RAID0/RAID1 on same pair of drives

I haven't been able to find any docs or how-to sites that indicate you can put RAID0 on part of a pair of drives and RAID1 on part of another pair (what Intel calls "Matrix RAID"). All the setup sites I've seen say to tell mdraid what your two drives are (RAID0/RAID1) and then give the drives to LVM at which point you can partition the drives and install different filesystems on each partition.

Haven't been able to dig up anything on 3 drive RAID 1+0 either. Do you have any links you bookmarked?

The closest thing I could dig up for benchmarks that compare the Intel, nVidia, and Windows RAID was this and they gave a lame excuse for not trying Windows RAID:
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