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Default Re: [Xid] Found temporary solution

Originally Posted by evilghost
I have no issues with UT2004 on two boxes running 8178, have you applied the recent 3369.1 UT2004 patch, not vanilla 3369.
I'm using version 3369.2, but the bug also apeared in earlier versions:

Sometime, the screen freezes or goes black, but you can still hear the
sound (i.e. when you go/fly around or shoot). I then need to commit
suicide (i.e. AvRIL into floor) or wait until i get killed - this brings the
screen back. Pretty annoying, especially when you carry the flag around!

This happens rarely and i have the "impression" the problem only occurs
under the following circumstances:

1. From server browers, select some server (join)
2. Screen goes black with white letters "Connecting ..."
3. This screen is typically only shown for a few seconds, but
sometimes it can take a long time until the connection
is established (although the server is for sure up and running).
4. In this cases, it typically helps to abort the connection with the
escape-key and return to the server browser to click "Join" again.
(then the connection typically works out immediatly)
5. Sometimes, it happens that connection proceeds (load screen
shows up) before you actually can click the Join button in the
server browser. I think this causes the effect decribed above,
but i didn't yet checked if it is 100% reproducable.


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