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Default Re: SUSE10, missing kernel source files...

Originally Posted by windwos
Crap! My kernel default is "2.6.13-15.7". I've downloaded "", but do I have to uninstall the previous kernel source? If so, how do I do that?
edit: ok I deleted it with yast and installed the other one but it's still the same.

rpm -qa | grep kernel:

Is it the .pm.0?

edit: downloaded another without the .pm.0, same thing.
I'm not downloading updates, am I?
edit: ok, I messed around with some files and managed to isnall them, installer said it's installed now. Going for the graphics driver now

The link I sent earlier has rpm files compiled for the i586. Many of the Suse RPMs are i586. RPM files for other architechtures are in different directories on the same server. You just need to go up a level or so and look around for what you need.

Sounds like you got the wrong source files for the installed kernel.

Hope the graphics driver works Ok for you.

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