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Default Any help for a total n00b?

I seem to find conflicting info and guides for installing the 8178 drivers and am having no luck. Not only that, but whichever drivers (which weren't actually being used until yesterday) were installed when I loaded Suse don't actually give me an option of the correct or appropriate size/resolution (why are they listed as two different things in the display settings?) and look much worse than (what I suppose was) the nv driver.

I'll try to give as much info as possible.

I'm running Suse 10 OSS (KDE) on a stock HP zd7015us notebook. (3GHz HT, 512MB, nvidia Go5600) I downloaded and followed the instructions to load the 8178 drivers from the nvidia site, but they list two different methods of installing: on the nvidia site they mention that if you're running Suse 10 you MUST install from the terminal and give specific (actually, NOT terribly specific) instructions on how to do that. I tried it, exactly as they described with no luck. On the nvidia site it's also noted that you can do this update via YaST. I'm afraid that I can't seem to figure out HOW to make that happen.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. And as clear as the responses would be would be very helpful. I'm familiar with DOS (though I don't relaly remember most of the commands now) but I'm really not familiar with Linux terminal commands or syntax.

Anyway, thanks again, in advance.

PS: I'm trying to use the 17" widescreen on the HP AS WELL AS the TV Out. I'm attempting to set up MythTV so that I can completely dump Windows.
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